Pet Testimonials

Jennifer Kolesar - February 19, 2013


About a month ago my husband and I decided it was time to add another dog to our family. A couple of Rottweilers had been listed on a local shelters “urgent” list so we decided to go see if we could save one of them. We went down there on a Saturday afternoon and were informed that there was one left and she was heartworm positive. When they brought her out to meet us it was love at first kiss. We knew we wanted to save this girl! We were told we would have to wait a few days, the vet needed to see her to decide on the heartworm treatment, and we would probably be able to get her by the end of the week. By time Monday rolled around we were getting a little anxious to get our girl out of there. We had named her Greta and we wanted her home!

I called on Monday to see what the vet had decided and was informed he hadn’t gotten around to see her yet, I should call back tomorrow. By Tuesday I just had to see Greta so we decided instead of calling we would go down to the shelter and see her. When we got there we were told Greta could in fact go home with us. We were so excited! But then they told us the rest of the story. She was VERY pregnant and would be having pups at any time. We were shocked. When we visited Saturday it looked like she might have had pups recently, but we didn’t expect this news. When they brought her out to see us she was huge! In just three days she had swollen up like a balloon. We have never raised puppies, but we couldn’t imagine leaving her to have babies in a cage in the pound. We agreed to take Greta home and foster the pups until they were big enough for adoption.

We waited anxiously all week for those pups, and come Friday night we were sure they were coming. My husband slept on the floor next to her all night waiting for the babies. Saturday morning came around and poor Greta was panting but no delivery was in sight. She had been lying on our kitchen floor and I noticed a little patch of blood when she got up. I didn’t know if that was normal so I decided to call Pickens Animal Hospital. They told us to bring her in right away – it sounded like a C-Section was going to be needed.

It took less than an hour to deliver Greta’s babies. Three puppies had already died and if the C-Section was not performed immediately Greta and the other seven puppies would have probably died as well.

Greta is now a healthy, happy girl! She loves sleeping and eating about as much as she does rolling around in the grass and going on play dates with the neighbor dogs. We can’t say how much we appreciate the Doctors and the staff at Pickens Animal Hospital!

Stanley and Mandy Evans - February 8, 2013


Our boxer, Finn, had the misfortune of contracting Parvo. It's usually a death sentence for most dogs, and we were worried that Finn wouldn't make it. If it weren't for the sheer diligence of the Doctors and the staff at Pickens Animal Hospital, Finn would have been a goner. They provided round-the-clock care and made sure that Finn was as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to Pickens Animal Hospital, Finn is alive and well. Thank you so much for all that you've done!

Doctor’s Note: During treatment for Parvo, Finn developed severe vasculitis (an inflammation of the blood vessels), requiring amputation of his right hind leg. He has recovered fully and is enjoying life.